Job Summary

The Painter is one of the company ‘s most valuable employees and the “KEY TO PRODUCTION AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”, with the full responsibility and the expectations of performing what is commonly expected as industry standards for a “Painter”. The following is a brief summary of the Painter’s Job Summary.

The Painter is:

Responsible for the surface preparation and application of materials according to project specifications in order to supply the customer with a quality paint job that results in customer satisfaction.


The Painter is responsible for the following:

Responsible for keeping company equipment clean and in proper operating condition. If equipment is either unsafe or not operating properly, report it to the Project Manager.

Responsible for upholding job site safety for himself and others.

Responsible for possessing the ability to follow directions and specifications provided by Product Manufacturers.

Be courteous and polite to customers, other trades, and fellow employees at all times.

The Painter must exhibit the ability to follow directions provided by Project Manager.

Job Requirements

Brush and roll painting experience preferred.

Must have transportation and a valid drivers license.

Must have cell phone.

Other Information

To apply please download and fill out our job application and return to Olson Painting office.

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