We only use top of the line paints and primers for our customers from what we consider to be top of the line companies. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Duron are the preferred brands. As to the type of paint, oil based or latex, homes and requirements are different. We would have to evaluate your home and see what your particular needs are. And we are certainly willing to meet your wishes.
Yes. However there are necessary steps that must be taken first in order to assure success. Only use a contractor who is knowledgeable about those steps and one who is willing to explain the proper procedures to you.
There is an increasing exodus from many of the oil products, but ask 10 people and you may get 10 different answers. Review our short article titled "Do I Choose Oil Or Latex Paint"
Yes. The difference can be a big one depending on the surface and area that you are preparing to paint. Read about the differences.
There is an old saying "You only get what you pay for." This is especially true for paint. Discuss what you want the paint to do with your professional installer or your paint store, to determine the best product for your needs. Remember that the paint is only a small part of the job. It is always the best decision to use the best products.
Painting like everything else is expensive. We realize that. In the last 20 years, what we have to pay out in labor has tripled. The cost of paint has increased about $10.00 per gallon. Insurance for a business is astronomical. So you are absolutely right, it is expensive. But not when you look at the cost of painting compared to carpeting, fabric, wallpaper etc. at about $25.00 to $50.00 per square foot compared to painting at about $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot, it doesn't seem too bad. To see the true cost, look in our library at "The True Cost Of Painting."
Leftover paints and other hazardous waste must be disposed of properly. We have directions for doing so in our library. Click here to go to the Hazardous Waste Disposal Page.