Interior Painting

All holes are filled and sanded. All cracks are properly scraped out, filled and sanded. Caulking is inspected around all windows and frames, doors and door frames and re-caulked as needed. Crown molding, chair rail etc. are all caulked and properly prepared. All nail pops are repaired and sanded. Any water stains, crayon marks etc. are sealed before painting and grease and heavy dirt accumulations are cleaned. Any mildew that is present will be removed prior to painting.
Many factors can contribute to that.
  1. The quality of the paint used is of the utmost importance.
  2. The amount of traffic through a particular area.
  3. Whether or not there are smokers in the home.
  4. Is there a fireplace that is used on a regular basis during the winter months, and does the damper work properly ?
  5. How many children and their ages ?
    There are too many factors to take into consideration, and each home can be different. However a good quality job done by a professional crew under normal conditions should last anywhere from 6-10 years. Call us and we will be happy to evaluate your particular situation and offer you a more precise answer.
After moving the furniture into the middle of the room it will be covered in plastic. All floors will be protected by canvas drop cloths. We use clear plastic on the furniture so that you can always see what is under the covering. Many times if the furniture is covered with canvas you do not know what is under it and damage is much more likely to occur from the canvas when it is removed. Not to mention the fact that who wants canvas with old paint all over it on top of their belongings.
For most applications on interior walls, a latex paint will offer many advantages over alkyd paint. In most available products you will receive better color retention and the finish will be non-yellowing. Additionally, the latex products will have a lower odor, dry faster, and you will be able to clean up with soap and water.