Drop cloths are used underneath all areas that are being painted. Walkways, patio furniture and shrubbery are all protected during painting.
No. In our particular area normally both husband and wife many times have to work outside of the home. This presents no problem whatsoever for us. However, we will most likely need access to the house in order to open the windows and doors in order to paint them. We normally arrive on the job before you need to leave for work and special arrangements can always be made to pick up a key ahead of time if needed. We have never had a problem when it comes to the trustworthiness of our painters. Your home will be respected the same as it would be if you were there. However we also realize that many people are uncomfortable with leaving workmen at their house unattended. We understand this hesitancy by some and are not offended by that.
For the painting of the exterior there probably is not much at all that you need to do. We will remove the storm windows ourselves and we normally move patio furniture etc. If you have firewood stacked next to the house or something of that nature then we would ask that you move that approx. 6' away from the areas to be painted. We can move it if necessary however an extra charge may apply.
While every job is different normally you can expect a crew of 2-4 painters.
Contact us and we will schedule your work.
We feel that a house is a lot like an automobile in the fact that the investment is large and the maintenance is a must. If we don't wait until the engine blows to check or change the oil we can protect our investment. Please read the two articles, "Protect Your Investment" and "Why Paint" for a few more thoughts on the subject.