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There are a number of good painting contractors to choose from and what you will normally find is that the established companies are usually fairly close in price. However at times you will get an estimate that is a lot lower than others and at times you may get one that seems excessively high. There could be many factors here. Is the company licensed and insured ? Do the painters work for the company therefore being subject to all of the additional payroll expenses ? or are they daily labor ? I suggest you read our article, Homeowner Beware for a more thorough discussion on this subject. Also read the article "Why to hire A Professional Painting Contractor".
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You as the homeowner can be held personally responsible for injures sustained by an uninsured worker while they are on your property. You can be in a very awkward position with your own insurance company as a result of this type of accident. Most people do not realize this, but it can be verified by a phone call to your attorney or insurance agent. Always ask for verification of insurance if you have any doubt. And remember a companies general liability insurance is not the same as workers compensation.