Your home's exterior is the first impression visitors have of you. You should want it to look good. First, be sure to take into account the fixed colors of your home - brick, stone work and the roof color. You may want to consider choosing a paint color that will pick up the color from one of these non-painted areas such as, for example, a brown that appears in your brick. In addition, the style of your home may play a role in the colors you select. If, for example, you have an architecturally accurate reproduction of a colonial-style home, you may want to use authentic exterior colors from that period. Or, if you have a Victorian-era home you may want to use a number of colors to accentuate the architectural details (gingerbread) on your home. Generally, you can't go wrong selecting a light color for the body of the house and a darker, complimentary color for the trim. Another way to set your home off is to create an interesting welcoming entrance by painting your front door in a bold color scheme. Your local independent paint retailer can help you select just the right color scheme for your exterior project.
We want you happy upon the completion of your job. But regardless of the quality of work done, if at the completion you are unhappy with the color you chose, you most likely will not use our company again. Every painting contractor has had a job where the customer liked the quality of work, the crew and everything about the company but they were unhappy with the colors used and now their whole perspective is clouded and they view the job as a bad experience. After selecting a painting contractor, the selection of colors to be used are the next most important decision that you need to make. Take your time on color selection and only use a company that is willing to assist you in making those decisions. Ask for color charts ahead of time and buy a quart or so of paint to try it on a couple of different areas of your home as well as in different types of lighting if you feel you need to. The cost of a few samples of paint is much cheaper than repainting the trim or entire house if you end up unhappy with the color chosen. If you do not want to change the color of your home, then just ask us to match the existing color and we will most likely be able to do that.
We can get the same color, but keep in mind that every house is different and the color may not look the same or have the same effect on your home as it does on theirs. Find out from your friend what the color is and get a sample if possible from the paint dealer where your neighbor purchased their paint. Paint a few small areas and check how it will look on your home. Lighting, landscaping and other factors may give it a different look on your home.
The only answer I can give you is, lighting, lighting, lighting ! Light and reflections in any given room affect the outcome of your color. Read "When Color Is Critical, Switch On The Lights" for more information on the effect of lighting on your colors.